An Insightful Letter On the Impact of SB 346

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

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Dear Friends,

I want to make you aware of NC Senate Bill 346.

If this bill passes, you as a parent will never again have the right or choice to opt out of any vaccinations that are recommended by the CDC (including the flu vaccine). Including, but not limited to all 66 that are on the schedule today (49 before kindergarten). It also includes any of over 270 new vaccines in production by pharmaceutical companies right now that will probably be added to the CDCs schedule. You will never again have the choice to opt out of any of them, no matter how many are added.

Odds are, you are part of the 98% in NC that has chosen to vaccinate your children. But, I imagine you may be as uncomfortable as I am about giving the government and pharmaceutical industries a blank check and carte blanche control over what is injected into our bodies and our children’s bodies? Medical procedures must be done with the patient’s, or parent or guardian’s informed consent.

This is not about wether or not you vaccinate your kids. It is about wether or not you will ever again be able to make the CHOICE not to, now or in the future. This bill also includes genetic testing of every child.

The choice will be given completely to government. Even if you or your child were to have an adverse effect from any of the vaccines, you would not have the option to refuse it the next time it is due.

The only exemption left would be a medical exemption. This would only be given in cases where a child is permanently neurologically damaged by vaccines as determined by a select board.

You would never again be able to work with your trusted pediatrician to adjust the schedule to the needs of your child. You will have to remain strictly within the one size fits all parameters handed down by the CDC and other governing organizations.
In this way, I also feel this is a violation of Dr’s rights to treat the patient as they see fit. It infringes on the Dr/patient relationship, there would be no reason to inform the patient, because the government would be the entity forcing this medical procedure. You would not have any say. If your child were to have a reaction today, you would most likely work out an individualized schedule with your trusted Dr. But, under this new bill, you must stay with the one size fits all schedule designed by the CDC.

In a quick search of the FEC, you can see that during Jeff Tarte’s (who introduced this bill) last campaign, a very large portion of his funds came from pharmaceutical companies. This leads me to believe that he is not looking out for the best interest of our children, but rather the best interest of of his campaign investors.

As I hope you know, I respect and will work to protect your opinion and preserve your freedom on your religious and medical choices. I respect your choices. As an individual and a parent, it is your right and responsibility to make an informed choice on your health and beliefs and on the care and nurture of your children, and to the right to informed consent in what you allow to be done to and for them. I fully recognize that we both carry the exact same intention as parents; to love, protect and care for our children in the best possible way. I want to preserve your freedom to choose as well as my own.

The American Medical Association is not in agreement with mandated vaccines, or with a one size fits all schedule. Where there is risk, there must be choice.

I do want to share a few things with you that I ask you to consider. I am not here to persuade you of any different choice than you have already made. Vaccines have been in the news for the past several months, and that has not been an accident. There were over 120 measles cases in 2015 and hundreds in the years prior among vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals with NO measles deaths in the US in over 10 years. So, the vaccine debate has been brought to the public forum and emotions have run rampant. Many have chosen sides and broken relationships and slung hateful words over vaccine opinions. I have purposely stayed out of this debate, because frankly, I am not interested in debating yours or my medical choices. This is not the forum for debate or discussion on the merits or dangers of vaccines. This is about parents’ being able to choose medical procedures for their children.

In 1988, a law was enacted that exempts all vaccine makers from any legal recourse from parents of children or adults who were vaccine injured or killed by vaccines. The reason for this law protecting vaccine makers is that the lawsuits were making production cost prohibitive, because the costs being paid out to vaccine injured victims were making profit impossible. Congress stated that the vaccine program should continue for the public good, and on the other hand, acknowledged that these people who were injured or (families of those) killed by vaccines should be compensated in some way. So, they created a Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund, as well as a National Vaccine Court specifically to hear these cases. They charge vaccine recipients (or insurance or Medicaid) a .75 per vaccine tax to be paid into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. If a person is injured or killed by vaccines, they have 2 years from the date of death (the living family, of course) or three years from the date of injury to file a case with this court. It is $400. to file a case. Less than 1 of 3 cases is compensated. The burden of evidence is of course on the family of the victim.

Because pre-market safety and effectiveness studies are rather small and limited to primarily laboratory studies, and a small number of actual human test subjects, the vaccine makers depend on post market reporting of injury and adverse effects to be able to properly update their vaccine information inserts on the safety and risk of vaccines. (All medication safety and adverse affect information is updated after market release.)

Also, a national voluntary adverse effect reporting website (VAERS) was set up for medical personnel and individuals to report post release adverse effects from vaccinations. The problem with a voluntary reporting system, is that very few people know about it, and even if they do know about it and want to use it they have to have time to do so. It is not a very user-friendly, easy system to navigate. This system is used for the purpose of gathering data on vaccine adverse events, but they estimate that only 2-10% of actual adverse reactions and deaths are reported, due to the fact that it is completely voluntary (and hard to use!).

The number of recommended vaccines has increased over the past few years, and it will never decrease. Faulty, or particularly damaging vaccines will only be replaced by new ones (as in the case of DPT being replaced by DTaP). There is absolute certainty that sometimes communicable diseases cause permanent injury or death. There is absolute certainty that sometimes vaccines cause permanent injury, chronic auto-immune illness, and death.

The third thing I am certain of is that this is a decision that should be left in the hands of parents, and not mandated by government without any parental or individual choice. There is risk on either side. Children and adults who have recently received live attenuated virus vaccines can shed and spread the virus for up to 30 days and are instructed to stay away from immune-compromised individuals. One child’s life can not be measured and held as more important or valuable than another’s. Which risk you take is your choice.

Your choice, not the government’s.

If you EVER want to have a say in whether, or if, when and how your children are genetically tested and injected with any of the 270+ vaccines slated for production and release, (as well as ALL of the vaccines in the current schedule, including flu vaccine, and excepting hpv), please join me in opposing this bill in a stand for parental rights and religious freedom.

If you are in favor of government mandated carte blanche vaccines with no say, and no limitation, please be respectful of my opinion as I am respectful of yours.

From a concerned parent. Shared with permission.

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    Have you heard about SB 346 {North Carolina Senate Bill 346}? This is a serious issue, and yet another area where our freedom to choose {for one reason or another} is being threatened.


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